Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay okay okay.

Post. Posting posts for post.
Well not really a ton of interesting stuff is happening in my life right now except WAIT.

The Ghost of Jared Gold.

So Once Upon A Time, Jared Gold was still the designer of the store I currently manage, Black Chandelier, and he was designing his 2007 fall/winter line "Caspian." Something we were doing differently this time though, was outsourcing a small company in New Delhi to "mass" produce the line in time for the debut show and have lovely clothes in the store the next day.
So they worked with each other, sending samples and prototypes of garments, color ways and styles, and soon came up with a finished line-- we even had one of our graphic designers create a pattern to print on a fabric en masse and seamlessly instead of the usual screen-print.
But then we couldn't afford to actually buy the finished line.
Fast-forward nearly 1 year and a half later...

And the India shipment is here!
Jared has left the company for months and yet!

It's glorious.

And by glorious I mean a much-needed breath of fresh air in this store. With the lack of product, not to mention motivation for sales, this line is one of my favorites and I'm only sad that Jared isn't here to see how well it's doing, even with it only being straight-out-of-the-box. (Jared is notorious for adding more and more and more and MORE to a garment before putting it out of the floor. There's no doubt he'd have screen-printed and embellished almost every one of these cardigans or shirts before putting them out.)

And the best (and worst) part of it all is that there is TONS of products. Boxes and boxes and boxes. The good thing about it is that I can take my time accumulating what I want of the line... Sizes aren't about to run out anytime soon.

Also, it will carry us till Christmas. But that's also the bad part, it may carry past Christmas, and through next summer and eventually to the 75% off shelf, as almost everything here does.

But Danny and I have been trying to price these clothes in such a way that people won't be waiting for the garment to go on sale. Not a single shirt is over $28 and if you think that's expensive, you wouldn't have wanted to shop with us this time last year!

Anyways, the line is great, I'm gonna buy it all (yay employee allowance!) blah blah blah there's my post.

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