Friday, January 16, 2009

Help Wanted!

Can somebody (I totally almost just spelled that "someboday" btw,) make this a seamless image?
And by seamless of course I mean if I were to tile the image side to side, top to bottom, it would turn into one seamless image.
Normally I'd ask Spencer to do it but I'm pretty sure our current computer is sans Photoshop... and my laptop has Photoshop but it also has no working USB drive AND I'm lending it to a friend.

SO, if anyone other than the two people I know read this can work thems shops and make my image seamless, comment and I'll send you the clearest copy of it I have? Yes?

Yes. Ok, thank you.


Austin said...

I've been looking at it for twenty minutes or so, and it looks like there's not a big enough swatch to make the image truly tile-able. I was able to recreate the missing piece from the bottom left corner, but the swatch still isn't enough to make it tile.

I can definitely post up the completed swatch, but as far as figuring out how to tile it given the way it is, that's probably out of my amateur-y league.

The Miller's said...

I don't have photoshop, sorry! I am curious what you need it for? (I totally almost spelled need "ned" by the way, which made me think of "Pushing Daisies", which made me miss it...when's it coming back?)