Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back in Black!

So it's 6 months through 2009 and I'm revisiting my new years resolutions. They were roughly to:

Live simply
Keep up my hobbies
Go back to school

How have I fared half-way through the year?

Well I haven't had the chance to go back to school just yet, however I do plan on being up at the U this fall.

Keeping up my hobbies. It's hard because this resolution kind of conflicts with my other resolution: to live simply. Obviously, the more hobbies you have, the more stuff you accumulate, and the more time and money spent doing different things. So I let some go.
I still sew but I don't thrift shop for fun and I scrapped almost all my old projects just because they'd been unfinished for years and I was no longer driven to finish them. I don't shop for clothes almost at all, and if I do, I donate or sell something I already had to try and maintain equilibrium. We plan our meals by the week and I stay on top of the groceries. I have a calendar system for bill paying. I've started finding a home for every knick-knack and if I can't find a place for it, then out it goes.

Simply put: less projects, less things, less clothes, less laundry, less cleaning, less money spent. More time for exercise, hanging out with friends, cleaning, preparing home meals and more time for the projects that are left and actually worthwhile!

However I still have have a ways to go. I'd like to be tighter on the laundry schedule, deep cleaning schedule and daily tidying but I'm at least to a place where I can do things like pick up exercising and cooking and holding 3 part-time jobs.

Cool, I'll be back in December! (Only hopefully sooner, lol)...

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Spencer said...

We've been doing a LOT better at living simpler. Also you better not wait to post until December...