Friday, February 19, 2010

Time Again For My Bi-Yearly Post

So yeah remember when I said I would post tomorrow about that raffle I won?
Well I blew it off and also the posting. Oh well.

It's Day Two of lent and Spencer and I are going strong without meat!
I'm considering making this a permanent change. Vegetarian has so many benefits (other than losing vitamin B12, but I take multi-vitamins, so whatever).

Also it was Valentines Day last week. Probably the least romantic Valentines ever lived, and I have slacked off worse than last year. I had been keeping a tradition of making a fun hand-made valentine every year, which broke slightly when last year I started to sketch one out and encountered artists' block. Then I sort of skipped over this year.

Karlie gave me a lovely simple and yet refreshing valentine along with a mix cd which inspired me to make a Valentine mix for her too.

Here's the track list, for those interested in checking out the songs. Disclaimer: there is a bonus track which comes from a band I love, and who is a guilty pleasure. Embarrassment ensuing.

1. Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) / Peter Sarstedt
2. Oh Yoko! / John Lennon
3. Dis A Ton Capitaine / France Gall
4. In The Orchard / Tiger Army
5. Silver Dagger / Dolly Parton (not a guilty pleasure, Dolly rocks!)
6. Stone Cold Dead In The Market / (I lost track of who sang this)
7. I'm So Young / The Students
8. She / Elvis Costello
9. Take It In / Hot Chip
10. One Life Stand / Hot Chip
*Bonus Track!* Now everyone will know my secret!
11. I Knew I Loved You / Savage Garden

All that aside, I'm a little proud of this mix. Except for the double hit by Hot Chip (I couldn't part with either song), I think it all flows very well together while still being a mix of very different sounds. I hope the two people that read this maybe seek out these songs and give them a try!

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