Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Economy And Its Effects On My Hair.

Although Spencer and I are ironically doing a lot stronger, financially speaking, in spite of the current economic meltdown, the mentality still gets to me.

The reason is sad but logical: in times of financial hardship, shopping, going to the movies and etc, is the way we forget our troubles. And I find myself itching to spend money on frivolous things, like getting my hair styled.

And now that Spencer and I have our finances in order, savings accounts figured, bills kept on top of, there's an eensy-weensy well of savings we have to put towards a few things.

We have goals after all. A new computer monitor, a new computer. Spencer wants to get a Mac, I want a new iPod for work, I really want a Dyson vacuum. Oh yeah, and a car.

Even with these goals in mind though, I want to do something to my hair. Haaaaaiirrr.

I have been toying with the idea of a cut or a dye for the last couple weeks. Spencer and Karlie are voting that I dye my hair a light purple in some way. I considered doing a pixie again but having long hair is refreshing after years and years and years of short hair.
I thought about trying a platinum blond again.

But the upkeep of color is too much effort and too much money. Going to a salon, getting to the salon, and getting the cash month after month sounds like a bad habit to take up.

However working in a store where people who shop like to see and be seen, you get strange offers every now and then. On a couple of occasions, I've been asked to be a hair model, which I love to do; I have very little attachment to my hair.

Today marks the third time, when a customer I recognize came in and told me about how she was being hired at a new salon near here and asked if I'd mind letting her cut or dye my hair as a sort of audition for this new salon.

Bonus! I get a new look and no bill to pay?

I instantly agreed, and so this Thursday at three, I'm meeting her at the salon and letting her go crazy with my hair. We only talked about dying, but if she wants to cut or trim too, I'm down. Anything goes.

Maybe this will quench my desire to be frivolous and spend money on my hair when I know I have bigger and better things to save up for?

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