Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thinking Halloween...

But first: by the way those rosettes in my last post were not made by me. They're just an example of how many I need to make. I made 16 over about 8 hours, 2/hour? I gotta pick it up.

Anyways, yes, Halloween.
I love Halloween, I love the costumes, the semi-annual home screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the lack of trick-or-treaters that come to my home (probably even less than ever now that Spencer and I have the very top-most apartment at the very back of the apartment lot) which leaves an adequate amount of candy leftover to bring to work.

But the best part, of course, is deciding what to dress up as. This year has been pretty difficult.
I've yet to talk Spencer into just wearing his suit with sneakers, carrying around the sonic screwdriver and slightly psychic paper he got me for Christmas one year and going as Doctor Who and me as (the best) Companion.

Throw some gel in his hair, get some glasses and Voila.

Then Karlie told me she wanted to be an indian for Halloween this year but didn't want it to be racist. I told her she should be Princess Tiger Lilly from Peter Pan and then I could be Wendy and Spencer could be Peter! It would be pretty sweet cause Spencer has that boyish look, and I happened to have a blue dress.

But since then, more ideas have floated around. Karlie is thinking maybe the Mad Hatter instead, in which I could still be Alice since she wears a blue dress as well. I could be Violet Baudelaire, but that's too obscure. Then I thought it would be funny to be Sarah Palin, but too many people could be planning on being her.
Then Spencer was trying to convince me to be Juno, and he would be the Michael Cera counterpart. I told him that was really, really unsexy and kind of depressing, but he LOVES the idea.
So now my Wendy idea is kind of not working, not just because Tiger Lilly is out, but also because Peter was never really in either.
Spencer works at the Children's Museum at the Gateway Mall and they're having a costume contest and we're thinking we're going to make him up as Max from Where The Wild Things Are.

A sure win.

So yeah. I may end up taking my Wendy dress and shortening it from ankle-length to below-the-knee and being Alice.

Or maybe I'll just go as Cherry Darling?
Yeah right.

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karlie said...

I heart you. You don't HAVE to be Alice though, if you don't want to.