Monday, November 3, 2008

So The Hair Thing... yeah.

Not a good turnout.
I personally would say the girl ruined it.
Most likely she didn't. Although, yes, it's true. She did.
AND she left town for 4 weeks to tour with her band so she couldn't reschedule to fix it, not that I'd really trust her with my hair again. Then I scheduled to work with the owner of the salon, until I realized that their prices and high-end-ness is the same as Landis (our sister company) with whom I get a 30% discount.
So, come this Thursday, I have a consultation at Landis with a "Grand Stylist" I guess meaning not a "new artist" and we start the process of fixing my hair.

To give you some visuals without actually having to show you the new do, I have some near-perfect examples.This is my hair before, only I had bangs that went straight across, and it was maybe about an inch longer. Also there are no copyrights on my arm.

This more closely resembles my hair today. You know, the Berries and Creme Starburst "lad."

Yeah, that's just about perfect. Only wait, she also gave me "hot roots" which basically meant "I'm going to make you look like you tried dying your hair from a box at home with horrible results!"
I use demi-permanent dye-- a fact I made her very aware of and so any dyes lighter than, oh say, BLACK, would require that my hair be stripped of that demi dye.
So yeah, imagine that berries and creme kid, only with purple-y red roots.

And just to give you some more perspective, this is what the stylist (her name is Ashley) and I discussed previously:

Grow out my bangs a little more, give the rest a trim, strip the black and and we're on our way!

And that's what we discussed. I wanted to start migrating towards a blonde color, throw in something unusual (the blue) and I distinctly remember her and I discussing "cutting" to be closely connected with the word "trim."
The picture, by the way, is some girl name Peaches. From what I gather she's almost like a British Paris Hilton. However that doesn't deter me from coveting her hair.

Anyway, through one reason or another, she was saying that "we'll keep the black and give you hot roots." I mistake "hot roots" to mean like, attractive; hot. Then she's applying red to my hair. I tell her my husband and I aren't exactly huge fans of my being a red-head as it only makes me look slightly more like his sisters, who are both red-headed. She gives me the color-book to start searching a new color when I notice in the mirror that she's cutting 4 or 5 inches off my head!

At my panicking, she tries to console me by telling me she's only giving me that asymmetrical cut we talked about, which we did not, by the way, it turns out, she was thinking of a different model she was cutting after me.

And after trying to "fix" it (cutting the rest the same length) I tell her I feel like a page boy and want a softer look, at which point she starts "shattering" my ends, which, because of the texture of my hair (hint, goose down) only makes the end look frizzy and flared.

I tell her "thank you" and that "I think I'm going to try and move into a different direction" and that's where we come to the whole making-an-appointment-with-the-owner to making-an-appointment-with-Landis part of my story.

And just for your amusement, I realized throughout the weekend that I can also be likened to Matilda or V from V for Vendetta. Any other ones you can think of?
Oh! Holly from Red Dwarf, only with brown/red hair.

I wonder what will happen next.
/stomach grumbling in anxiety.

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Oh, that SUCKS! I was so excited for you too!