Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have decided

Among other things to:

-Do more photo shoots with Karlie. FO' REAL. At least once before the year is over.
-Make a diorama. Of what? Not sure yet.
-Finish ALL of my clothes-in-waiting before New Years. It will be done.
-ALWAYS take my lunch. So far so good :)
-Pick up weekend baking projects again. It stopped before my birthday and then I forgot to start again. This weekend: Russian Strawberry Birthday Cake.
-Dress up for work more often.
-Find Spencer's camera.

1 comment:

karlie said...

Srsly with the photoshoot thing though. I've been seeing great places to shoot for SO long, I just don't have time to go shoot. We'll MAKE time Marque. We will.