Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Christmas Post

Christmas was pretty awesome considering a few months ago I was expecting our first Christmas together to be humble, small, and in the end, a blip in our memories in the years to come.
Not so.
Those who read this now about Spencer's Black Friday journey and the goodies that yielded. A couple more goodies we got but weren't expecting were:

-a Cuisinart food processor (Spencer has wanted one for years and we didn't even ask for one, his parents are just that thoughtful and generous).
-and a car. A 1997 Toyota Avalon, in wonderful condition, given to us by his Grandpa Holt who drove it here for us from Houston, Texas, in exchange for our paying his plane fare back.

Also, I got that garment rack for the bedroom-- the one that I can sew a curtain around, also it is compact and I love it.

Another great thing was getting to talk to Rachel and McKay. We originally thought I wasn't going to be home from work soon enough to talk to Rachel, but Dan let me close the store an hour early so Karlie and I could race down to Murray and catch five minutes on the phone with her. Rachel's been out for five months already, which she says has whizzed by. I beg to differ. And McKay's been gone almost two months, which is harder for Spencer. He has no one to tag-team holiday dinners with and he's not sure if he wants to go to Richfield next summer because, well, who would he have to hang out with? Other than me and Naomi.

And now here are some pictures. Just a couple.This is the only picture of me without food in my mouth.

Spencer and Naomi playing on the Xbox, me eating.

Left to right: Jasmine (McKay's lady-friend), Naomi, Spencer, me.

All other photos of me are either me eating, getting food to eat or contemplating what food to eat next so I'm omitting them from this post.

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