Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Sometimes finding the drive to post is hard, since Spencer's posts regularly and usually are an echo of my posts, or more accurately: vice versa, although we try to avoid that.

Nevertheless, I am a very visual person and this is the cause of my hiatus.

If my day isn't a replica of Spencer's, then it probably has to do with these things:

-work at the studio
-a sewing project
-a baking project
-some other project

All of those, except maybe the first are also visual things, like me. And whilst our camera is MIA, it's very frustrating to write (and I imagine very dull to read) about my life.

Oh sure, I can continue writing about television or films watched and discuss those but that's where we get into that echoing-your-spouse problem because Spencer has usually watched anything I have and he has an exceptional vigor and air of professionalism in his posts that I suspect he loves writing whereas I just gush about "parts I like" or "actors I like" or "how I love to watch this all the time" and go on and on for never-ending sentences.

No, no, the stuff that makes me want to write, ironically must also be visually presented and until such time when cell phones are not the only cameras on hand I suspect these bouts of inactivity will be regular.

That being said, check back frequently because I do intend to find that camera very soon!


The Miller's said...

I will keep checking! Don't go too long without putting something up! :-)

The Miller's said...

I'm just dominating the comments aren't I? :-) I wanted to give a P.S. on this one too...I had left the window open on my computer to leave a comment here to tell you to not go too long without posting, so then I finally did comment only to find that you already did put up two new posts! Just thought I'd mention that or you'd think I'm even more of a kook than you probably already do ;-)